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Brighton - London by Sea

Brighton and Hove brings to mind words such as exciting, enchanting and extraordinary. It is a very unique city with its own quirks and charm, a city much loved in peoples hearts. Everyone has their own unique perception as to what makes Brighton special.

Brighton Pleasure Dome

The city has earned its reputations as the "Pleasure Dome" and "London by the Sea," with its distance from the capital, quirky cosmopolitan vibe and vibrant gay and lesbian scene, that is no surprise. If you love and enjoy life, want to meet interesting people, then come to Brighton and Hove.

Brighton Beach

The busy beach is in Brighton is backed by Victorian houses. At low tide sandbanks appear and provide great fun. Bring a change of clothes as you probably get wet.

Lifeguard cover is provided during the school summer holidays from 10:00 - 18:00 on Brighton beaches. They fly a warning flag when the sea is unsuitable for bathing. The beach is cleaned regularly. Bins are available. Dogs are banned on beaches from May to September. No routine sewage discharge has been identified.

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